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Data Center
Physical Facilities

Our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) is equipped with raised flooring, which allows for easily cabling and reliable channeling of conditioned air to maintain a uniform room temperature. The floors also help to reduce static and ensure a professional, computer grade environment. The facility is equipped with Halon fire protection system which allows for the immediate extinguishing of fire while equipment and personnel remain unharmed. The command center is separated by automatic doors to further secure and protect the equipment.

Finally, the NOC itself is located in a secure, monitored, class A building with only a minimum number of approved personnel allowed to access the highly sensitive areas and equipment. A detailed record of which employees have entered is kept on file as well as a record of all visitors.

Power Systems

Smooth, Clean, Redundant Uninterruptible Power System To guard against local power failures, we have invested in two separate industrial strength, three phase Liebert UPS systems.

These act as back-up batteries, maintaining uninterrupted power in case of surges or power outages. In addition to these high-quality power systems, the InternicDomainNames NOC is also equipped with a natural gas generator. With these three backup systems in place, we can keep our network up and running indefinitely without relying on the building's power. This is just another example of the commitment we have to keeping our clients' sites up 24/7 no matter what situation arises.

Temperature Controlled

Our facility has two Liebert 10 ton industrial air conditioners, which condition our computer rooms and operations center. Our computer room is kept at an optimal temperature of 65 degrees.

Connected to 2 Backbones

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) located in Baltimore, Maryland, is OnNet with Frontier GlobalCenter (FGC) and Qwest Communications through two separate bandwidth-on-demand connections which enter Downtown Baltimore just a few floors below the NOC.

FGC, a Tier 1 provider whose 13,000-mile fiber optic network and Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology provide an enormous 460 gigabytes per second (Gbps) of capacity worldwide, has an ATM fiber node located just a few floors below the InternicDomainNames NOC.

Qwest comes into Baltimore with an OC-12 line, and plans to upgrade their connection to an OC-48 in the near future. They also have an ATM fiber node 14 floors below the InternicDomainNames NOC. Qwest comes into Baltimore at the same location with an OC-12 line and plans to upgrade to an OC-48. Our Qwest connection enables InternicDomainNames to offer additional redundancy and better routes to Europe, Latin America, and Asia. With these two carriers, our router will have up to 150,000 possible routes to send each packet of traffic.

Furthermore, because of these unique connections, InternicDomainNames no longer needs to link to the Internet though an OC3 or T3 Telecom circuit. Instead, independent cables run inside our building directly from the InternicDomainNames NOC to both the Global Center point of presence and the Qwest point of presence. These lines can handle the bandwidth of a T3 or an OC3, and with DWDM they can handle several times the bandwidth of an OC3. So whatever the client's bandwidth needs are, InternicDomainNames has the scalability to meet them!

Network Redundancy

InternicDomainNames uses intelligent end-user routing software called Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), between Qwest and FGC, who use it as well. BGP can identify which path is the most efficient for each data packet, and then route the packet to its destination on the fastest path. This increases the speed at which web pages sent from our NOC arrive at their destination.

Studies have shown that the second most common reason for downtime is circuit failure on the Tier 1 backbone, the major data highway. To guard against this potential problem, we have two Tier-1 providers. If one has problems, we can route traffic down the other one. Furthermore, because we are OnNet with Frontier GlobalCenter and Qwest, we share their digital distribution architecture, which includes private peering network connections to major Internet carriers such as MCI, Sprint, UUNET, EUNET, AT&T, AOL, Best, Erols, @Home, IBM Advantis and others. These private peering arrangements allow InternicDomainNames sto exchange packets of data with every major backbone carrier in a one-to-one environment quickly and efficiently.

In addition, FGC has high-speed links to 8 public exchanges including both MAE East and West and several NAPS. Through these many public exchanges, customers have the ability to reach their site wherever they are coming from on the Internet. Thus we have the best of both worlds: a network that is both efficient and wide reaching.

Network Reliability

Industry analysis reveals that 70 percent of downtime over 10 hours with any ISP is caused by telephone circuit failure. Since our NOC is in the same building as Frontier Global Center, circuit failure is virtually eliminated because there is no phone circuit between us and FGC. Instead, there is a direct connection between our Cisco 7200 router and theirs.

The second most common reason for downtime is circuit failure on the Tier 1 backbone. FGC, themselves a backbone, also have peer connections with other major Tier 1 providers, which allows traffic to be switched to other backbones quickly in the event of a crisis.

How reliable is this? Yahoo is another fine company who connects directly using only FGC. If you can reach Yahoo, you can reach our network. FGC's groundbreaking 460 Gbps network runs BGP to 25 other major carriers through private peering arrangements, providing the fastest, most efficient and most reliable network available today.


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